My short bio

The deep me : Lover of Christ, happy mother of 4, married, concerned about childrens’ happiness and sad about humanity.

The other me :  Fond of writing and children books. Native French speaker, excited English learner, new languages explorer, and… I think of Africa as if she was a person.


About this site: Thanks God he created me a woman. I am happy  with that and do not envy the stronger sex.  I am proud to be part of a kind whose members contributed to support Jesus out of their private means. They followed him on the steep roads and accompanied him to the Cross. He rewarded their loyalty by granted them to be the first witnesses of the greatest message of all time : his resurrection.

I want to remind women who are lay aside by religion, unloved by the world,  that they are the beloved of Christ. Let’s learn together how to overcome obstacles and accomplish the sacred missions of femininity.

Ami Rougé